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The Publisher of and the Publishing Newsletter of is VM Media sp. z o.o. VM Group sp.k., a member of the Via Medica Group.

The Via Medica Group consists of the following companies:

  • Via Medica sp. z o.o. sp. k.
    (KRS 0000289051)
  • VM Media sp. z o.o. VM Group sp.k.
    (KRS 0000266430)
  • Via Medica sp.j.
    (KRS 0000071181)

Via Medica Group’s main aim is to provide professional medical knowledge both in medical environment and among patients. By accepting the Privacy Policy you agree to processing your personal data by all the above-mentioned companies of Via Medica Group and their lawful successors.

Companies of the Via Medica Group reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. To every Via Medica Group Client, and User of websites and newsletters which belong to the Via Medica Group applies the existing Privacy Policy available at:

Any changes made to the Privacy Policy do not affect the main principle: Companies of the Via Medica Group do not sell or share with third parties any personal or address informstion of Clients/Users of their servers and e-journals.

If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, we kindly ask you not to visit websites of the Via Medica Group Companies, not to subscribe to our newsletters or purchase products or services offered by Companies of the Via Medica Group.

Personal Data

While using the websites of the Via Medica Group Companies we may ask you to give some personal data by filling in a form or to do it in some other way. The data required are in most cases name, surname, and email address. In case of order forms, we will ask you for full personal data necessary to complete your order.

We require only these data which are necessary for the website to work. Not giving the required information will block the activity which needed the information.

Subscription to the Free Newsletter

Subscribing to the free electronic newsletter of any Company of the Via Medica Group requires filling in an appropriate form with your email address, name, and surname. These fields are mandatory.

Data obtained are added to the mailing list of the newsletter. Email address is necessary to send the Reader consecutive issues of the newsletter. Name and surname allow us to address the email with the newsletter properly.

Ordering Products

Ordering products offered by Companies of the Via Medica Group at their websites requires giving more full address data in appropriate order form. Red fields marked with a star sign are mandatory.

In case of payment by credit card or money transfer, customer service is taken over by or In this case, only or systems and their cooperating banks know and are responsible for the information given in their forms. Forms of are stored on severs which belong to PAYBACK sp. z o.o., and forms of are stored on servers which belong to eCard S.A. Both forms are encrypted by appropriate technologies providing the highest safety of bank details.

Publicly Available Personal Data

Personal data given at websites which belong to the Companies of the Via Medica Group are available to the all individuals visiting the websites, which contain these data during your posting comments about the products, writing replies on the forum, etc. It is not possible for the Via Medica Group to protect you from private individuals or companies who use these data to send you some unspecified information. Therefore, this kind of data is not included in the Privacy Policy.


Some areas of websites which belong to the Companies of the Via Media Group may use cookie files, that is small text files sent to the user’s computer to identify them in order to simplify or make a particular operation possible.

Cookie files are not harmful neither to the computer, nor to its user or their data.

The condition for cookies to work is accepting them in the Internet browser and not removing them from the hard drive.


This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites and Companies whose contact information is given at websites and magazines which belong to the Via Medica Group.

Should you have further questions, please write to: