Purchase Terms and Conditions

The Internet Bookshop, which can be found under www.bookmarket.pl is run by VM Media sp. z o.o. VM Group sp.k. and was entered in by the District Court in Gdańsk, 12th Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS numer 0000266430, NIP number (NIP) 583-28-39-187, REGON number 192972553, with its registered office at Świętokrzyska 73 in Gdańsk.

  1. The Internet Bookshop is engaged in sales of goods through the Internet.
  2. Orders are accepted through www.bookmarket.pl, by fax (+48 58) 320 94 60, or email address info@bookmarket.pl

After making an order the Client receives an email notification about its acceptance. Information and product descriptions at the website of the Bookshop are used in good faith with the purpose of giving an indirect material profit to the Owner of the copyright through selling their books, on the basis of Art. 33 of the Act on Copyright and Neighboring Rights of 4 February 1994. If the Owner of the Copyright has objections concerning its use, the Bookshop kindly asks the Owner to give such information and the mistake will be immediately amended, in accordance with the requirements specified by the Copyright Owner.

  1. Orders are completed according to the order of their acceptance until out of stock.
  2. In case the ordered product is out of stock, the Buyer receives this information by email and other date of possible completing the order is offered. The Buyer is not obliged to accept the date offered. In this case, no party will raise claims because of the refusal to complete the order.
  3. A receipt or invoice is issued for every order completed. A commercial document is issued when all goods ordered by the Client are completed and ready to be delivered.
  4. The Client may withdraw the order by email at the following address info@bookmarket.pl. The Client cannot cancel an already sent order.
  5. The price given in every product description is binding at placing an order. The Bookshop reserves the right to change prices of products in the offer, introduce new products into the offer, organize and cancel promotional campaigns at the Bookshop’s websites or introduce changes to these campaigns.
    Cost of delivery is added to every order. The Client chooses the method of delivery, which is specified in the order.

Cost of Delivery

  1. Time of completing the order is given in every product description. It is the time which passes from placing an order until the product is sent to the Client. It has to be remembered that the time of completing an order includes only weekdays.
  2. In case the order includes several products and difficulties in obtaining them from the publishers occur, in order to minimize the cost of delivery, completing the order will take a longer time (one-time fee only). However, on request, the Bookshop may divide the order into several parts, charging the cost of delivery for every part sent.
  3. Estimated time of arrival =  completion time + delivery time

The packages are delivered by:

Poczta Polska  - delivery time up to 14 weekdays

  1. We reserve the right to refuse to complete an order in case of mistakes appearing at Bookshop’s websites, consisting in showing wrong information on prices, product’s condition, or out of stock.
  2. In case the Client does not collect the package from the mail-carrier (because of reasons independent of the mail-carrier), the package will be returned to the Shop. In case of redelivery, the Shop will add an extra cost of delivery to the value of the package, in accordance with the price list.
  3. The Client may choose the following payment forms:
    - credit card: the payment is charged at placing an order;
    - electronic money transfers from mBank, MultiBank, BZWBK, Inteligo, Nordea, PKO BP, PKO SA, BPH and ING: the payment is charged at making the money transfer.
    - traditional money transfer: the payment is charged at making the money transfer.
  4. In accordance with the Act on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damages Caused by a Hazardous Product of 2 March 2000, the Client may resign from the product purchased in our Bookshop without giving any reason within 10 days from collecting the package. It is possible only when the product was not used, copied or damaged. The product returned must be sent with the invoice and a written return declaration. The Bookshop ensures the return of the payment. Money will be returned within 5 weekdays by money transfer to the account indicated by the Client or by money order to the address indicated in the order. Cost of delivery and return cost will not be returned.
  5. If after receiving the product the Client finds in the product any technical faults or damages arising from the delivery, they should return it in a parcel to the following address:
    Internetowa Księgarnia Medyczna - Ikamed.pl
    VM Media sp. z o.o. VM Group sp.k.

    ul. Świętokrzyska 73
    80-180 Gdańsk
  6. The Bookshop does not accept parcels sent by cash on delivery. Costs incurred from returning the faulty product are returned immediately after the Bookshop receives the package and examines the complaint. The invoice should be included in the parcel. Any complaints are examined maximum within 7 weekdays from their receiving.
    Any damaged product will be replaced for other valuable one, and if it is not possible (e.g. because it is out of print), the Bookshop will return the Buyer the financial equivalent of the product’s price or offer other products available at the Bookshop to choose from.
  7. Any disputes will be settled by negotiation between the Parties. In case friendly settlement is impossible, Polish Law is applicable and the disputes will be settled in Poland.